502 (Bad Gateway) Error


I am facing multiple errors when I try to install Twake.
I installed it with your official step-by-step guide. The installation seems to be done, without an error.

Then I am facing an 502 (Bad Gateway) Error, when I try to run ip:8000.

GET IP:8000/internal/services/general/v1/server 502 (Bad Gateway)

My Server is a virtuall server, so I can reach it only by its global ip-adress. Does this to be only localhost? I mean usually the global-ip adress works fine, and i checked in with other docker-projects, which are working fine.

I tested it also on different Linux-Distibutions: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOs on each of them I am getting the error message. After each fail, i reset the server hard, so that there arent any files on it.

After that I tryed it with an older version. Without success.
I am getting the same error when I am using this version: 2021.Q2.481.

What Can I do to solve this issue?
Do you have an alternative way? I need this in 2 days, because we meet with our team, and i have to introduce Twake. Which Linux-OS do you recommend?

I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.


@benoit @romaric

Hi @fynn.pf , first of all it is a good idea to stick with 2021.Q2.481 or v2021.Q2.505 for now.
To make sure you use the right version, just use this images in docker-compose.yml:
image: twaketech/twake-php:2021.Q2.505
image: twaketech/twake-node:2021.Q2.505
image: twaketech/twake-nginx:2021.Q2.505

Could you look at the logs of node with docker-compose logs --tail 100 node it seems it didn’t start as expected. It could be because of a database issue for instance.

Hello, installed a fresh Ubuntu and Twake Version:

`image: twaketech/twake-php:2021.Q2.505`
`image: twaketech/twake-node:2021.Q2.505`
`image: twaketech/twake-nginx:2021.Q2.505`

Heres is my log:


You can try this changes: https://github.com/linagora/Twake/pull/1681/files

  1. Add the “- PUBSUB_URLS=amqp://guest:guest@rabbitmq:5672” line

  2. Use the 2021.Q2.505 version

The PR in the link will soon be merged for future on-premises testers. Next version coming on 22 of October will be compatible again with on-premise installation and you’ll be able to put back the “latest” tag and see the most recent features.