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I’m new to Twake and I just discover it yesterday.

I have a 2 questions about connectors :
1/ I don’t find any documentation or list of them. Is there a list of the connectors which are created or being created ?
2/ Is there a way, as Twake is opensource, to create connectors ? (is there documentation ?)

Thanks in advance for your answer and your work,


Hello @frju365, welcome to Twake!

All you need to know is documented here (with a list of currently existing connectors): https://doc.twake.app/developers-api/home

There is a lot of missing components to this documentation, when you successfully create your application, you can jump here to send message as a bot https://doc.twake.app/developers-api/api-reference/message

The complete (but French) documentation is here: https://www.notion.so/twake/Twake-public-developers-API-v1-5081ab548cf94065bc0e9006d88233fb

We hope to be able to improve this documentation in the future, right now we are still working hard in making our next update which bring node backend, more scalable architecture and more stable frontend.

Have a good weekend!


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