Add everyone from a specific domain to the same company

So, it would be nice if it was possible to automaticly add everyone from the same domain to the right company.

Say for instance, i work for a company called Swimming Turtle (which i do!) and my email adres is jan at swimmingturtle dot eu … Then when i register a new company, it would be nice to have an option that says “add everyone from swimmingturtle dot eu to your company” or whatever.

So, then when my collegue john at swimmingturtle dot eu registers an account, he is imediatly added to my company.

AND possibly even prevent them from making their own company’s as well.

i am a sysadmin at a company, and i wouldnt want my users to go randomly create company’s and invite whomever… i would want all my data and my users under the same company, with it staff taking care of it. perhaps even some power users who could create/manage workplaces, but certainly not everyone.

You are right, this is something we want to do. We are re-working our identity and company management brick in Q4 of 2020, from there we will be able to implement your idea.
Can you add it to our Github as a new feature ?