API Functionality - User Status

Hey all,

I am looking at integrating Twake into/beside our project management system, and have some functionality requirements which I can’t satisfy from the Twake documentation - that section seems WIP :slight_smile:

So if I list out some desirable API functionality, could you let me know if it is possible / planned / or I might have to build it myself?

Our system wants to do these things:

  • Get User Status (Away, busy, available, out to lunch, etc)
  • Set User Status
  • Possibly Get User current calendar event (something booked right now) if the status doesn’t already reflect this

We’d like Twake to:

  • Update our system when a user’s Status changes (webhook?) - This is not necessary if we can poll the information as needed.

I’ve done some Symfony work before, so I’m not allergic to implementing this stuff myself if need be. But your opinion on how doable a thing is would be helpful.

I might have some more questions as I run up my development environment. I’m pretty excited to dive into Twake to be honest.

I’m really sorry for this late answer, it looks like it didn’t came to my mailbox!

So we do have a developer API documentation here: https://www.notion.so/twake/Twake-public-developers-API-v1-5081ab548cf94065bc0e9006d88233fb

But I don’t think we can currently do what you need. We don’t have a very advanced user status system and it is not linked to our calendar. (No webhook neither)

Don’t hesitate to ask us for some details. To give you more insight we are currently working on a big change of backend. We are switching from PHP to Node so a lot of things will change.

Yeah I had a dig around the repo and noticed the new backed development.

The most basic feature that we need is to fetch a user’s status. I’ll be running up a test build in the next couple of days, so I’ll see exactly what I can do.

If (when?) I end up extending the API, I’ll send the PRs back home, and help get them implemented into the new backend when we get there.

I’ll need to look at some sort of single sign-on too.

Thanks for the reply, and the documentation link.

Getting status should be easy, just create an app to get api keys, and then you should be able to get user profile and status.
For single sign-on, we are compatible with OpenID, read the doc here: https://doc.twake.app/configuration/authentication-modes