Calendar on Android app connected to private server?

Hi !

Is there any way to get calendar on Twake Android app connected to a private server ? I can access it with my SaaS account, but item doesn’t appear in menu when connected to private server :thinking:

Seen on Android 10 and Twake app v 1.2.200

Thanks ! :grin:


The calendar app is not yet implemented, to see Twake events on your mobile, generate a subscription link from the desktop version and import the link to your android default calendar.
Tell me if it works!


Sorry for my late reply.

I tried to sync Twake calendar with Google Agenda following your instructions. In fact, it’s a bit tedious 'cause GAgenda perform sync only once or twice a day…

I tried, but GAgenda doesn’t copy any of my Twake calendar event. Maybe a issue with that latency.

But it doesn’t truly matters, I will wait for calendar to be implemented on Android App ! :wink:

Thanks ! :slight_smile: