Can`t find task, meet and etc. in self-hosted Twake

I made a local Twake installation that I hosted from Github via docker. It works fine. But I can’t find where to open task, video meeting features. (I don’t think I have to pay a fee)

Hi !
As you could have read on this topic dealing with the same question as yours, the twake-node app is not working with integrations yet.
You will have to run twake-php with a ScyllaDB or CassandraDB in order to get the app available.

Thanks for reply!

You have any documentation for install “twake-php” version? I saw a comment from the moderators that the php version will be removed. I couldn’t find anything about the version that works with php in the original documentation.

Hi @rza !
You are right, twake-php is deprecated but it is the only way to get the connectors working, so far.

Please follow these steps :

  1. git clone twake and go to Twake/twake folder.
  2. git clone twake-connectors and copy/paste the connectors you want into the connectors folder of Twake.
  3. run the script /
  4. to activate the connectors, you need to run the following command for every one: docker-compose exec php php bin/console twake:init_connector {connector_simple_name} enable default
    where {connector_simple_name} can be found in the file ConnectorDefinition.php of the connector folder.