Disable "Create account" link on login form?


I wanted to know if there any way to disable “Create account” link on login form to manage subscriptions with invitations only ? :thinking:

Thanks !

Currently this is not possible, except if you use OpenID or CAS.
You can push an issue on our github maybe (with a link to this forum) ?


We will see when we can implement it (this is not a lot of work, we must add a key in the configuration Parameters.php and hide the subscribe button in the frontend.).

If you are familiar with open source development and want to take time on this feature, I can give you guidance and accept a pull request from you.

In the meanwhile here is the documentation to run Twake in dev mode


Ok, no problem, I’ll be patient then :grin:

Unfortunately, I’m not really familiar with this (except for the theory, of course). I prefer let some experts manage this, haha ! I pushed an issue on Github as you requested it :slight_smile:


Received thank you I’ll tell you when it’s implemented!

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Setup disable_account _creation to true in the Paramaters.php file, works for me…

        "auth" => [
              "internal" => [
                  "use" => true,
                  "disable_account_creation" => true,
                  "disable_email_verification" => true