Fresh install erro login and bakend changes broke


We try to update an existing installation but fail and start a new one.

We follow the tutorial and get the images from git and run

All ok we have access from our domain (without change anything in configuration/backend ou frontand) but don´t have the create user option and cant find any default login.

So we try to adjust domain as in 🔗 Custom domain + HTTPS - Twake

But when we restart and rebuild docker with #docker-composer restart and #docker-compose exec nginx yarn build

We lost access to the login page only the spinning circle gets around…

We try to revert the changes and restart rebuild and gets the same.

The configuration/backend/environment.ts file have a different structure is this normal we shoud use the tutorial lines?


Hello again,

Any change on Parameters.php get Cassandra errors

node_1 | {“level”:50,“time”:1624975527744,“pid”:18,“hostname”:“84ae54ffc5fc”,“name”:“TwakeApp”,“err”:“Maximum number of retries reached”,“msg”:“services.database.orm.cassandra - Error while getting keyspace information”}
node_1 | {“level”:50,“time”:1624975527744,“pid”:18,“hostname”:“84ae54ffc5fc”,“name”:“TwakeApp”,“err”:{“type”:“Error”,“message”:“Can not find keyspace information”,“stack”:"Error: Can not find keyspace information\n at SafeSubscriber._error

Hi Guys,

Ok so the errors seams to happend because the order of docker-compose restart…

If we restart the twake_node_1 and twake_php_1 containers the login page came back.

We try to configure keycloak, find some things in manual that are different on keycloak admin page. We cant find the credentials tab. We change the Access Type to confidential and works. Create ause with mail checked and password

On Parameters.php we change the lines on manual

Restarted all

But still give invalid credential. No errors on logs on twake_php_1 or twake_node_1 but I cant finda trace of the request to Keycloak. If I do a sudo docker exec -it twake_php_1 tail app/Configuration/Parameters.php -n 100 I can see that defaults.auth.openid are equal my /configuration/backend/Parameters.php

I read that you are working on a user console to onpremisse version. The question is Is the actual version on git working on a new fresh install?

Thanks in advance

Hello @guigsilva sorry for the late answer.

Connecting to OIDC provider directly from Twake is depreciated and will only work through the Console in the future. You can keep your Twake version on a older version using this docker tags: 2021.Q2.481 or 2021.Q1.434 in your docker-compose file (instead of using the :latest tag).

OIDC and CAS may be included in Twake directly again but not before 2022.


Ok we will try these versions and give some feed back


Hello again !

Ok the version [2021.Q2.481] works!

One more thing the invite mails to users add on workspaces are not working?

We try to add a second mail and the confirmation is sent. But when we add a user he stay on pending and no mail income on our mail server. I read in another post similar problem but no reply (maybe something with the console creation?)