Integrate tab management for the browser

I like the direction Twake is heading, however it happens to me that I use more Workona these days, as I tend to open a lot of tabs in the browser. And since workona has notes, tasks, files, and syncing with Drive and Google docs, I end up using it more in the end, despite not being satisfied with its closed development philosophy.

So I would like you to develop a workona-like tab management function and integrate it within Twake. That way, all the management functions would be in one environment.

For now, the only open source extensions out there are “Tab Session Manager” and “Tabli”, but they work like a drop down menu, not a full workbench.

Hi @extropist,

Thank you for this feedback.
Why you end up using Workona. Is it because everything is accessible when you open your browser ? Or it’s because you use gDrive, gDoc, etc and It’s more convenient to use workona with these tools ? Or is it something else ? :slight_smile:

I use it more because it is more accessible since there I have the workspaces of everything: both my work, studies, and my personal life. Because it is very useful to facilitate navigation on a day-to-day basis, and it ends up creating dependency. Therefore necessarily then I must put the notes in context (which is in workona). And in some cases I also add files in that context, but that’s not such a determining factor.

I appreciate your consideration as I would like to be able to transfer my data to Twake effectively, but I realize it depends on this.


I see. Workona can store some notes. But the main part of it, is to switch between tools (Slack, gdrive, …).
To understand better your current context, could you give me your current stack ?