Is it possible to run twake without PCLMUL support?

I just tried to run Twake to test it out, but it failed, because the database didn’t start. On the terminal it says

scylladb_1       | Scylla requires the sse4.2 and clmul instruction sets, check your processor and hypervisor
scylladb_1       | Scylla requires a processor with SSE 4.2 and PCLMUL support
scylladb_1       | 2020-12-09 13:07:22,839 INFO exited: scylla (exit status 71; not expected)
scylladb_1       | 2020-12-09 13:07:23,841 INFO gave up: scylla entered FATAL state, too many start retries too quickly

My CPU is quite old (Intel Xeon E5520) and does not have support for PCLMUL. Is there a way to run Twake anyway?

You need to see with the Scylla / Cassandra communities. We can work with both solutions so if you can use one of them, you can juste update your docker-compose.yml .
In 6 months we should have finished a big update allowing you to use MongoDB as a database.
If you have more information keep me updated :slight_smile:

Covid didn’t happen to cut those 6 months in half, did it? Can’t get Twake to run here w/o PCLMUL und sse4_2 either. MongoDB would run without a problem.

got it to run inside of another Proxmox host w/ newer CPU that
supports pclmul but only after adding

args: -cpu qemu64,+sse4.2,+pclmulqdq

to the VM configuration file


(xxx = VM-ID)

Hi, small update on this subject, you should be able to run Twake with Cassandra (instead of Scylladb) by doing this change in you docker-compose.yml:

version: "3.4"

    image: bitnami/cassandra:latest
      - 9042:9042
      - CASSANDRA_USER=admin
      - ./docker-data/scylladb:/bitnami

Then you can test connection to cassandra with this command:

docker-compose exec scylladb cqlsh --username admin --password admin

Some additional changes need to be done:

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