Join link or workspace subdomain/ Integrations/ Session customization

Below details related to twake cloud (not self-hosted) and i am using free plan. Let me know if i need to open specific things as feature requests on github

(1) Join link or workspace subdomain

Currently it seems we need to invite for each users privately for join to our workspace and anyone cannot find specific workspace themselves and join. Is there any default join link or way to generate it? or is it possible for us to have subdomain for our workspace?

  • Join link:
  • Subdomain:
    (users able to sign up themselves)

(2) Integration

I prefer integrate twake with our existing workspaces for sync messages between them. eg: slack, matrix etc. In this case, i tried to find method to integrate/bridge with slack I’m not sure if this works for the purpose however free plan is limited to 100 tasks/mo please let me know if there’re perfect methods to integrate twake with other platforms

(3) Session timeout and customization

I also noticed that twake session seems expire when i am inactive or after a long while, If i need a persistence session; i think i need to submit feature request about that right?