Key generation for Parameters.php

I’m reading about configuring Twake at I don’t understand what format pusher_public and pusher_private in websocket and encryption_key in db are (both are fields in the [docker-compose.yml location]/configuration/backend/Parameters.php file).

What are they used for specifically and how can I generate them on Linux?

Why does pusher_public begin with -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----, but pusher_private - with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- (note the added “RSA” part that’s lacking in the public key).

I tried to generate them with ssh-keyget -t rsa, but the keys were of a different length (larger than the ones in the example. I couldn’t find any documentation regarding the keys. This is my first time installing Twake (via Docker).

I have to give up on Twake as it seems quite unmaintained.

We are very sorry to ear this, we are very dedicated to Twake but our team is still small. We are working on improving the installation procedure in the next months with the integration of NodeJS, MongoDB and moving configuration to env variables.
You can find our current advancement in the develop branch of our Github.

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Is there a way to see what you have in development and when the features will be merged into the main, stable branch?

You can see our public roadmap here: