LDAP support possible?

First of…

this is something ive been searching for, for literally months. I was beginning to think i had to create something myself. unfortunately i’m a Ruby on Rails/Ruby programmer, so i’m not much help here :frowning:

Is there something like support for LDAP / Active Directory in the pipeline? This would greatly allow company’s to integrate Twake into their already existing infrastructure :slight_smile: It would be a direct competitor for Microsoft Teams/OneDrive i think :slight_smile:

Hi! First of all, thanks, we are super excited to start being open source!

And good news: yes we are compatible with CAS and LDAP.
This is work in progress, but the basic idea is that we are compatible with CAS and OpenID, and through OpenID, you can connect an LDAP server.
To do it see the KeyCloak and LemonLDAP solutions, and then go on our dedicated documentation here:


Please see how to start editing your Twake configuration first here:


Tell me if it’s ok for you :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Thanks for making your app open-source. Seems a great project!

Is it planned to implement native LDAP / AD / OpenLDAP support ?

Currently not, we are planing on externalising our identity module to another microservice which will be compatible with OpenID and uses LemonLDAP / KeyCloak. Why do you want a native support? For fewer things to install or may be I’m missing something ? :slight_smile:

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mostly, for the less savy tech users :slight_smile: i myself can do with the modules i think :slight_smile: