OnlyOffice external server? (and API)


So I opened an issue on Github concerning S3/Swift object storage. But now I am wondering about OnlyOffice.

Is it possible that I specify it to use an external server?

Also, is there any documentation about the API (create a new company, a new user) and ways to limit qota?

Thanks for your help, and this app looks awesome!

You can use an external OnlyOffice server but only on a on-premise solution.

Yes, we have an API documentation but only in French, the best would be to wait for our update documentation in english.


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Do you have the link to the french documentation maybe I can even traduce it if I have some spare time. :smile:

Hello, sorry for the late answer,

The documentation was started here for the “quick start” guide:

Our old french documentation is not well organised and can be found here:

We need to move our gitbook documentation to Github to have the community work with us on it, I can ping you when it’s ready.

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no worries about the time to answer.

Mhmm from what I see in the API it’s not possible to create a new user with a new organization?

And sadly I can’t find any informations about the onlyoffice configuration. Could you guide me a bit more for it :smile:

Thanks for your help and support.