Routing problem when trying to change some account settings

Hi !

I noticed a bug which happends when trying to change some account settings, but not everytime !

When clicking on save button, page refresh and settings aren’t saved. Browser console giving a “JSON.parse : unexpected end of data” error, and ajax call to /ajax/users/account/identity/ don’t respond anything.

Checking docker-compose logs, I saw this error :

Pecee\SimpleRouter\Exceptions\NotFoundHttpException: Route "/ajax/users/account/identity/" or method "get" not allowed. in /twake-core/vendor/pecee/simple-router/src/Pecee/SimpleRouter/Router.php:415

If I attempt edition multiple times, it eventually works after 4 of 5 retry. Sometimes, before page refreshing (which seems to be not a normal behavior), I can glimpse for a second a red error message, but can’t read it.

Do you have any idea from where this could come ?

Thanks !

Thanks for the bug report, can you paste it in github issues ?

You will be subscribed to the resolution of the issue :slight_smile:

Romaric Mourgues

Yep, will do :slight_smile: !


Thank you !
For reference: