Running Twake with Cassandra

The Cpu requirement of Scylla is an issue as I as need to deploy it on “old” or not compatible plateforme.

Any recommendations ? What should be the driver in Parameters.php ? is pdo_cassandra still compatible/valid


Hi, currently we are only compatible with Cassandra or ScyllaDB unfortunately. But we started a work on our backend to be compatible back with MongoDB and SQL.

I did not test this feature since a while, but we come from MySQL initially, so you may be able to change pdo_cassandra to pdo_mysql . If you try it keep me updated !

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Hi Romaric,

thank you for the reply. Finally I just change for Cassandra (last version) and so far so good.
I’m using Twake in a container environment and try to use the .regular container for each service which is not Twake specific like Cassandra, Rabbitmq, Elasticsearch (downgraded at version 6.4.3) to mutualize these services with different clients.

My challenges are to run Twake on an internal Docker server and make is available through an Apache proxy, I would like to correct the ‘type’ issue to be able to use the last version of elasticsearch and integrate my gitlab server.

Fun to come :wink:


Good luck and don’t forget to share your work with us!

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Hi Romaric,

for information I try with the folowing information
“driver” => “pdo_mysql”,
“host” => “mysql01”,
“port” => 3306,
“dbname” => “myDatabase”,
“user” => “twake01”,
“password” => “myPassword”,

And the connection was not really working :wink:

:hourglass_flowing_sand:Waiting for ScyllaDB/Cassandra connection
… not found, retry in 5 seconds (timeout 360s)

For information I have validated the setup by adding mysql-client package and testing manually the connection successfully with the same parameters…

Arg! We are implementing a compatibility with Cassandra and MongoDB in our new backend, it will be available in some months :slight_smile:
The work to make it compatible with mysql will be easier.

Oh I would love to see mongodb support. Would that allow searching INSIDE of documents for certain text ? I really wish that tools like google drive would allow us to search in file contents OR in file titles really as a separate operation. Show me all the recent zip files that have the word aaron in them. I don’t think that google drive does a very good job of allowing that.

Welcome Aaeonsql2019 to Twake :slight_smile:
The mongodb support (and some way to have more connectors in the future) was successfully implemented last week on our development branch. So you can expect it to be available start of next year!

For the document search, we are using a homemade file content indexation, but unfortunatelly we do not support zip content indexation. May be someday, it is mostly a question of performances as opening zip after upload can be a heavy task.