Search (free text) issues (disappearing hits and messages excluded))

I have a self-hosted Twake setup. The service appears to function well, no obvious problems with the setup have been noticed/observed since it was installed a few weeks ago. However, a couple of moderate/minor issues are bugging me and I need to know what, if anything, I did or am doing wrong.

When we do a simple free text search using the Search box (located at the top right corner of desktop and web/browser app UIs), I am seeing two problems:

  1. Hits are found only for Files and Tasks; search does not work for Events and Messages at all; and…
  2. (for Files and Tasks) Hits appear and immediately disappear inside the results window, 99% of the time. For example, I uploaded a dummy document named “poc …” and created a task and an event both starting with “poc…” in the description. I can find the document and task when I type in “poc” into the text box in the Search dialogue popup – but they very quickly disappear from the results area, below. Sometimes the hits stays on, does not disappear, at least long enough for me to click the link to access the relevant document and task – but it is hit or miss most of the time.

Again, the above issues are observed with both the desktop app and the web browser app (UI).

Is there something I did or did not do to cause these two issues? Obviously search feature is enabled and works (why else would I successfully search for “poc…” in documents and tasks). Perhaps I need to separately enable search for messages and events as well. Or is this a bug of some kind?

Any guidance would be most appreciated. We are new to this product and like it a lot so far. But, as messages pile up, search will become important. There will be too much to find using pinned messages and channels. We need free-text searches to work for everything, eventually.

Thank you