[Solved] Add translation on Twake

I saw that Twake was open source, would it be possible to contribute to add a language?
I want to add Occitan, but I also want to know if the volume of strings to translate will change a lot compared to what it is today.
And also what is the process, where are the files to create/modify.

Thanks in advance !

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It is entirely possible to contribute in order to add a new language. However, the translation sheets will indeed evolve. These require simplification and still need to be completed in certain languages ​​and for new features.

If, however, you wish to start the translation, the files can be found in


You must copy an existing file, and rename it with the ISO2 code of the chosen language.
Then you will have to import it and add it as an available language (in this.available and setLanguage) in:


Finally, add the language in the language selector in the file:


If you start translating, we will do whatever it takes to keep the translated data even if we change the language files in the future. However if we add new sentences, they will remain in English until we have the update of the Occitan version.

Thank you for your interest,
Romaric Mourgues

thanks for the complete answer!
I’ll give it a try next week hopefully

would it be possible to have an intance like weblate?
I have lots of Translation Memories I’d like to use.
But I only have poedit, it cannot handle your files :S

Hello, Weblate seems to be a very nice software thanks for sharing!
Then yes, I think we can start an instance of weblate, I’ll see when I can do that, our team is in hollidays until the 15 of August (also am I). So it can take some time.

I opened an issue on our github to keep track of the task:


It will be really helpful.
Ping me when you have updates :grinning:

i can do the Dutch translation :slight_smile: just give me the directions :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, right now I think the best thing to do is to wait for us to install a weblate instance. Then I’ll notify you all through the issue: https://github.com/TwakeApp/Twake/issues/93 (so if you want to be notified, subscribe to the gitlab issue).
I’ll also try to update this thread, but less sure.

The team is on holidays until 15 of august right now, so we cannot do a lot of things until then, I’m sorry…

Anyway, thanks for your commitment! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Romaric,
any news for the Weblate instance?
I’m really looking forward to bringing the Occitan language to this project.

I would like to improve the language in Spanish. I ve seen some words mistranslated. Thanks.

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I’m still interested in translating.