Twake for Business

So, i have made Twake my personal “pet project” because its literally What i like about MS Teams, minus what i dont like about MS Teams.

i would imagine others feel the same way, and i think there’s a place for Twake inside company’s. Therefor i have made this thread, to bundle “Business” related idea’s. Untill maybe someone could create a sub-forum for it :wink:

  • (1) I’m not sure if its possible already, but so far i havent found anything that supports my idea yet. But it would be neat if i could share files through a link with someone, without them having guest access to the workspace. like… in Nextcloud i could generate a share link and simply send it to someone else who can then download/view the file.

  • (2) Curstom icons: Since i have a designer at hand, it would be nice to implement custom emoticons/icons for channels etc. Currently i can only select the default icons, while i would much rather upload an .ico or .png file to go with the channelname :wink: Would go nicely with theme support, make things more company branded.

  • (3) Mail support: So all the mail send to monitoring@domain.tld could flow into the channel #Monitoring for sysops to be aware of problems with servers, or servicedesk@domain.tld to flow into #Servicedesk for agents to watch requests etc.

  • (4) Screen sharing: Would be nice during videocalls etc.

Hi, this is a great idea, thanks for your proposals.

(1) It’s already available, just click on the three dots when hovering a file in Drive. Then click on “Public link” :slight_smile:

(2) You are a lot to ask for this, it always been a low priority but may be it’s a bad choice on our side. Can you create an issue on Github for other to like or comment on it ? (and for us to add this in our roadmap)

(3) For now we’ll not be able to do this, it’s a lot of work (too much for a connector). But it exists services (free I think) that convert a mail event to a webhook (look at FTTT And we do support webhooks (not yet available in open source though). You can also create a specific issue for this request, if a lot of people ask for it may be somebody will work on it!

(4) Also available with our current provider: Jitsi. For more information go to :wink:


It appears I had the same thoughts on item #2. I added an issue for this:

Please let me know if this is a duplicate as I couldn’t find a similar issue.

For item #3, Twake could create a custom email address for each channel; which in turn could be used to filter email notifications from that channel. It’s been done on Teams; but full control over the domain is required.

Hi Greg,

Sorry for the delay,
Your point 2 is probably a duplicate of the issue you spotted. :slight_smile:

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