Twake phone app not available in my region

Hi everyone!

First I’d like to say that I’ve fallen in love with Twake! You’ve truly done a good job, and I cannot wait for future updates.

Now, my issue is that I cannot access the Twake app in my region, at least not through the Apple App Store. I haven’t checked the Play Store, so I’m unsure if this is the case there as well. I’m based in Norway. Is there any chance of broadening the accessibility of the app, both for iPhones and Android phones?

We are currently working on the next mobile version and we currently disabled our app until we publish the new version because the old one is no more compatible with the web apis.

The new app should be available in the next 3 weeks!

Perfect! Thanks for the reply and your good work :relaxed:

Sooner the better! :wink:


First really great work guys!!

Any update onde this?

I still not finding the app onde playstore.


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Hello again!

Any news on the app?

Thanks in advance

Any update on the mobile app?

I really think that this feature is a must-have nowadays if you want to compete with similar services.

I am really sorry that the app is still not available on iOS. We are dealing with administrative issue currently to be able to publish the app under the right company name (Apple is not easy for this topic) :slight_smile: