Twake S3 Integration

With the latest version of Twake,

I’ve been trying to integrate our S3 Server as storage (unencrypted).
It seems things might have changed since this POST I made in January.

I can’t figure out how this work now and after pingin @romaric a couple times regarding Websocket error (which was a database issue), nothing came up…

If any follower could point me in the right direction on how to integrate S3 Storage in Twake, it would be highly appreciated :smiley:

Thank you in advance.

Hello @ramses I am very sorry for not answering for so long, we are overbooked :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly what we changed since this post on the PHP side. I know that in the latest version coming by the end of the month we have two configuration (for node and php), but for your version it was not the case.

Maybe you can wait for the next version (I know we use Minio internaly to test), but the Drive will be depreciated and slowly replaced by LinShare ( ) in 2022. Of course it will be still possible to upload files into the discussions but no folders and sharing features.

Thank you for your feedback @romaric,

The Twake version we use is the latest available.

Do you have any schedule for the next release, or any hint on how to integrate S3 within current version?

Appreciated your insights,