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Hey Twake Community,

I recently stumbled over Twake when looking for an alternative apps to build a self-hosted replacement for GSuite. The context is group collaboration + data sovereignty.

The README in the GitHub repo shows this awesome screenshot
twake.png (3092×2016) (raw.githubusercontent.com)
that includes more navigation items (e.g. “Bugs” and “Ideas”) than the default installation.

I really like the concept of spaces and linking all resources relevant to the space into some form of dashboard/ overview.

Sadly I couldnt figure out from the provided documentation how to add/ configure those additional navigation items.
Do you add them as application or connector? And what exactly is the difference between those two?

Hi @don.dfh

First of all, thank you for your interest in Twake!

To add this navigation item, start to drag the channel (in the left sidebar) and you should see some menu in the left sidebar. Drop your channel in the “new” bloc, that will create a new channel section. After, you just have to clic on the section name to update the name (don’t forget to click on enter to validate). :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the explanation @benoit

The drag & drop did neither work in Brave nor Firefox for me, but I was able to create a new channel section through the “Edit channel” menu and clicking the “3 lines icon” in front of the channel name.
Sadly I discovered that more by accident, the UI for the “edit channel” does not feel very intuitive for that detail.

Your message also helped me realizing that I mixed up 2 questions - and while you answered the first one, I didn’t manage to find proper documentation on how to add applications and connectors and what the difference between those two is.
Any details are highly appreciated :+1: