502 Websocket error (again)

My apologies for creating this new topic.

I now spend around 4 days trying to find a workaround for this, but this is to no end.

The same issue appears as soon as a minor element is updated in Parameters.php!
And this is on a fresh install.

0- To provide a clear overview on the issue I’ve recorded the installation of Twake on a bare Ubuntu 20.04.1 VM ;

1- Once installed, created a TestTest account

2- Logged in → Work.

3- Docker-compose stop

4- Edit Parameters.php > set true to deactivate account creation from login form

5- Restarting Twake

6- Boom - Issue…

A) I’d be glad if @Romaric or anybody who could point me out to a solution here.

B) I also need S3 integration - however with this bug, seems I can’t touch Parameters.php anyway…

See below as to illustrate.
YOUTUBE > Twake Issue
(at time of posting YT is still processing HD)

Many thanks for any assistance you could provide.


Hi ! And thanks for the video because I know what is the issue now !
The doc is wrong I just noticed, you need to only restart php node and nginx after a configuration change.
Why ? Because the database is very slow to start and node thinks it was not started at all (node is used only for channels on this version).

The solution is to do this command as soon as the page goes from waiting from db to the login form:
docker-compose restart node php nginx

If everything is stopped you can also do this (start db, wait 2 minutes, start everything else):
docker-compose up -d scylladb; sleep 120; docker-compose up -d

PS. of course I’ll update the doc now

Thanks you very much for the feedback Romaric (a Sunday afternoon nonetheless!).

It works perfectly now, no more issue. :grin: :v:

- Now if you don’t mind me asking;
Do you have any special recomandations regarding S3 integration?

I’m looking to deactivate the default storage drive in exchange for the use of our S3 server

Would you have any pointers to achieve this, with Twake latest version?

Thanks you.

My apologies for getting back to you @romaric .

Any chance you could give me some hints about S3?

Thank you very much for your assistance.
I know you get thousands of requests.