Improvements on tasks

Hi romaric!

Great to see this open sourced, this surely will go way ahead of its competitors, at least in the remote-communication category.

The tasks feature is awesome, but I see some improvements that be done to make it stand out.
Also, I checked out the roadmap, and the only task related plan I see is "ability to add comments on tasks.

Here are some of my feature requests that is going to be very helpful for adding more sophistication in tasks:

  • Ability to create multiple checklists
  • Ability to create subtasks / checklist items in bulk
  • Ability to assign parent / child cards
  • Ability to convert checklist items to card
  • Ability to convert checklist items to child / parent card (this is useful, but not found in many task management platforms)
  • Ability to convert all checklist items in a checklist to cards ( along with assigning them as child)
  • Cards and boards to have a unique id
  • Shareable links to a card or a board
  • Cards and boards can be linked in a conversation


This will allow connectors/ custom integrations to be able to show reports on many areas of progress on boards

  • Ability to see reports for all the tasks in a workspace


P.S. I am also a software engineer, and I’d be happy to help out with some of the features.


Hi Kazi,

Sorry for the delay.
You have a lot of great ideas !!
For the Q1, our main focus is on the chat feature.
I take a note of your ideas. It will be useful when we’ll work on the task module :slight_smile: