Link to file(s) already in Documents from Discussion message

Instead of uploading new file(s) when writing a new message, is it possible to link to file(s) already in Documents?

Also file(s) uploaded when writing a new message, where are they stored? I can’t find them in Documents.

I am using Twake free account (SaaS). Is this latest version available?

File(s) uploaded in a Discussion message goes to Medias and Documents (accessible via Channel Setting). This appears to have nothing to do with Documents… Why two separate file storage?

Found a 3rd independent/unreleated file storage?? Editing a Task, you can add attachment\File\From Twake Documents. Here you can create Folders but Folders created are not appearing in Documents or Channel’s Medias and Documents. Also cannot select any files already in Documents.

I am so confused…

We are working on a new version of Twake, completely rewritten. Wait a bit, a new demo platform will be available soon!