Mail configution

How i invited my team member in my company ??
I try to do all configuring same as you give in to your doc but it still getting error

To invite a team member, you can just invite him using its email. If the email is not going to the user, check your email server configuration in the Parameters.php file.

I not know which parameters is not work in email configuration.
can you give me any example of email server configuration

There is an example here:
You can give me your configuration if you want me to check it. If you do not defined DKIM the emails can go in spams.

I don’t have DKIM so receive mail as spam mail.
but i don’t got any mail in spam also. can you explain me why this happen. I configure my gmail id for test it not work so how I sure to work with my custom mail id

My mail id, smtp server:, smtp port: 587

Please find the configuration you need bellow.
Also check this post to check if your account does’t have two-mode authentication:

"mail" => [
    "sender" => [
        "host" => "", //smtp server
        "port" => 587, //You can also try 465
        "username" => "",
        "password" => "",//Your gmail password
        "auth_mode" => "plain" //try both plain and login
    "from" => "",
    "dkim" => [
        "private_key" => "",
        "domain_name" => '',
        "selector" => ''
    "twake_domain_url" => "https://twake_installation.location/",
    "from_name" => "Jenis from Twake", //Server owner name
    "twake_address" => "", //Server owner address
    "template_dir" => "/src/Twake/Core/Resources/views/", //Must not be modified

I do that and then my twake page is not show me anything it only show me blank page so what can I do for that

Try to restart your docker (docker-compose stop; docker-compose up -d)
And then you can see what is happening to your Twake with:
docker-compose logs -f --tail 100 php

I do change that give you but then when I do docker-compose exec nginx yarn build it not complete that process and give me error failed

please add the encryption mode in the mail parameters and check it working or not because this it easy to use that parameter.
All are not have DKIM and they not create that and the creation is very long. So many people are not use this methods.