Mail parameters interface or documentation?

Is there an already existing interface in the Twake web application that allows one to configure mail parameters to be used by the app ?

If not, can you provide some documentation about it ?



No, you must define it from the server configuration.
I just updated our documentation to cover this question, please follow theses pages:

Let me know if it answer your question, if needed I will update the documentation.
Have a nice day,
Romaric Mourgues

Thanks for the update.

Any particular error logs created in a specific location that admin should be aware of in case of mail misconfiguration ?



Not yet, but that is a good point.

If an error occur (500) you can find the logs here:
docker-compose logs -f --tail php

As we use rabbitmq for the mailing task, you can also check the rabbitmq queues
docker-compose exec rabbitmq rabbitmqctl list_queues

I’ll add a ticket to increase the number of logs in dev mode.

(EDIT I’m checking mail configuration actually works on fresh install just in case)

Finally it seems we have an issue with our RabbitMQ consumer (we use SQS in production), sorry for the delay.
I added an issue on github if you want to subscribe and be notified once resolved:

It should be fixed in a few days, I’m on it right now.

Just to let you know that the issue was fixed, we are releasing the new docker images tonight.
To update your docker installation :

docker-compose stop
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d